Create Your 2021 Business Fitness Plan: Join The 30 days Business Fitness Bootcamp For Only € 97, From Nov. 16th till Dec. 11th!

The Scientifically Backed Workout for the Body & Mind of Leaders 

Discover How To Work Less, while Achieving More ...

Our aim is to help you learn a MAJOR SHORTCUT to Achieve More in Your Work, With Less Energy. We want to impart you with the most important lessons and the best training tools from our 15 years of experience with Top Athletes, Entrepreneurs and Executives... so you’ll learn how to STRIVE and THRIVE. 

Instead of trying to access the unconscious mind (the 95% of our potential), most people are trying to cram their minds with more knowledge and theory to become better. More knowledge does NOT mean greater results. Knowledge doesn't mean anything if how much you know can't be translated into positive lasting behavior.... In this Bootcamp we will help you to do so.

Leadership Fitness Bootcamp 

Pillar #1: TRAINING

There is no other way to sustain yourself but to train. Our program is structured from a scientifically-researched training method that will help you set goals, use effective tools, and turn your plan into action.
  • A two-day kick-off retreat 
  • A Monthly MasterMind session
  • A Private Facebook group for TopMind Trainers and fellow TopMinds.

Pillar #2: TRACKING

Track your progress amidst all the distractions. We will help you turn your "KNOW HOW" into a "SHOW HOW" with a personalized progress tracker to update you on your body, business, and habit development goals. 

Track your Progress with:
  • A daily Accountability Tracker App
  • A State of the Art Suisse Smart Watch With Lifestyle Technology
  • A group of like-minded professionals who will keep you accountable

Pillar #3: TRACING
What gets measured gets done. There is nothing more accurate to measure your progress with than an accurate monitoring. We will follow you progress closely by using a set of indicators.

Trace Your Progress through:

  • Weekly Progress Scorecards
  • Periodic 360 feedback from key stakeholders
  • Periodic Physical At Rest and Exercise Test

 Learn the 3-T Pillars in the Bootcamp:

Enough Work and Life -Changing Tools and Lessons That You Can Leverage To Build and Execute Your Own “Fitness Plan” And Make this year Your Best Year Possible!

•    A Daily Practice that takes you no more than a couple of MINUTES to complete. 
•    Master Your Mind, Body and Business
•    Connect, Engage and Associate with fellow ‘TopMinds’
•    Accountable Tools and Support for Living the 3-Dimensional Life and Work Style 
•    Periodic Body and Balance Assessments

More Power, Increase Your Production, Perform at a higher level and Find Purpose Inside Your Business and Personal Private Life!

How you can Work LESS and Achieve MORE in a time efficient way.

How to achieve almost ANYTHING you want in 3 minutes a day, without having to leave your home or office.

How you can MEASURABLY grow as a leader, and turn your present 'know how' into 'show how', without 'consuming' many more theories, models or philosophies.
Program Overview 

     This is what you will get:                                                           

A Two Days Kick-Off Retreat

TopMind Accountability Tracker App (IOs/ Android)

Monthly Momentum MasterMinds

Access to Private Facebook Group for BONUS Trainings & Exercises

Monthly 1 on 1 Coaching (with AJ)

Pre Physical BioCheck + Monitoring App 

360 Assessment and Progress Reviews

New for the 'High Achievers':
Suisse Smart Vitality Watch to track your healthy habits
(As a reward for those who accomplish their 6 months goals)

What the World's #1 Executive Coach Says About TopMind:

Elaine Cuthill
Marketing Manager - Heineken
       Since working with TopMind™ I am a much more self-aware and authentic colleague, friend and partner. I would recommend them to work with anyone who wants to invest in their self development and awareness for the long term. It can be a life changing experience.
Roland Pechtold
CEO - VanderValk&De Groot B.V.
       I have added a lot of new tools to my repertoire. I have become more composed, more versatile and experience this every day as an enormous asset. I’m hugely enthusiastic and can recommend it to anyone who takes their own performance seriously.
Harald Swinkels
Founder and CEO - NLE
       I wanted to improve my health, work effectiveness and private life. I'm very happy with the results and would highly recommend this training to anyone. Especially to those who have, as I call it: 'a restless mind'.
 M.P., Consultant

       I am someone who is always looking for development and improvement on my own. Not least of my own contribution to everything I do. That brought me to where I am now, but at some point it also works against you if you always want to contribute more. The bootcamp has so far contributed to the insight and into the impact of always wanting to deliver more.READ MORE....

What Others Say:

Patrick Mulder

       The bootcamp gave me the insight that you have more influence on your own mindset than you initially think. Be fit, both physically and mentally. This creates peace on the one hand and energy on the other. AJ works with his team towards your own personal goals. They do this by means of measurements, by challenging you, by confronting you and by READ MORE....

Time Sensitive:  This 6 Months, highly-interactive Bootcamp will empower you to SHAPE up; physically, mentally, and emotionally…with proven ideas shared by top experts on what’s working for your health, happiness, and performance, right NOW—in today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environment.

Investment for the 6 Months Program
€ 5.750,-
 (excl. VAT + accomodation)

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Enrollment Ends In...

Your Host and TopMind Trainer:

TopMind training is delivered by Anne-Johan Willemsen. For the last 15 years he has been helping others succeed through fusing his TopMind principle with his first-hand awareness of business challenges.

Anne-Johan originally started as a meditation teacher in 2006 and founded TopMind in 2008 to coach professional (inter) national sports athletes, such as professional golfers, footballers and Olympic sailors. His system proved
to enhance their competitive performance through improving their mental focus.

Now, business executives and entrepreneurs also get the opportunity to acquire the mindset which elevates top sports-people. Clients to date include leading companies such as Heineken, Shell, ABNAMRO and Phillips. As well as entrepreneurs and politicians.

Anne-Johan Willemsen